Ellie and Jack // Aston Marina, Staffordshire

So, Ellie and Jack’s wedding at Aston Marina was pretty alright! And by alright I mean pretty awesome!

We first met Ellie and Jack at the back end of 2018 in one of Ashby’s many super bars. We got chatting over a few drinks and ended up staying for over 2 hours! Which really says everything about these two - really friendly, and all round lovely people that we instantly hit it off with. Naturally it came as no surprise that all their guests, friends, and family were equally welcoming throughout the day - people were constantly looking to get us drinks, check we had eaten, and accommodate whatever we needed!

The day started with Ellie and a few of her closest bridesmaids kicking off preparations with some beautiful morning light. After sorting her own makeup - Ellie actually wrapped up the morning by doing all of the other bridesmaids as well! Huge props to her for that!

We then moved on to the Aston Marina Boathouse where Jack was busy putting the final decorations in place with a couple of his groomsmen - his skill in graphic design is clear - with menus, signage, favours and more all consistently brilliant, classy, and clear. I love it when people put their personal talents and touches on the day - and this one was bang on. Ellie, meanwhile, met up with the rest of her bridesmaids to finish hair and makeup, and get the dress on. You might be wondering why Ellie had to do two sets of preparations… and its for good reason.Because, while Jack went with a relatively reserved set of 4 groomsmen… Ellie seemed to miss that message and went with a cool 11.


I’ve shot weddings with fewer guests than that!

Of course, everyone looked amazing once assembled - and the reception got underway with just a few tears from the front row.

It’s really testament to all the planning that went in to say how smoothly and easily everything ran after that. Loads of smiles and laughter over dinner, some brilliant speeches ( Check out Jack’s mum below for some incredible expressions!), and a rager of a party to wrap it all up.

I wish we could do it all again!

Venue: Aston Marina Boathouse
Hair and Makeup: Ellie and The Dolls House
Dress: Wed2B